Fashion Designer Pedro Pedro

Pedro Pedro

Pedro Pedro attended the Academia de Moda do Porto before creating his own brand in 1998.  He is the winner of the I Mode European Fashion Awards 03 in Brussels.    Pedro Pedro looks have been featured in Vogue, Elle, and Collezione Dona.

For his 2017 collection Pedro Pedro held a runway show during Milan Fashion Week.    He gave the Black and Paper an interview after to describe the collection and his inspirations.

The opening pieces were breezing then moved to muted tones, why?

The theme was all about a David Lynch movie named “Dune”, and it’s located in a post apocalypse world dominated by a great desert, so that’s why it goes to sandy shades of beige and pastel colors.

Being from Portugal, how does this influence your outlook on clothing?

We are living in a Global Age where the information flow is the same for everybody, access to the same news and images at the same time.   So maybe my approach to a particular theme is as particular as me being part of this country, Portuguese sensibility of style.

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What was the design approach?

I think the theme asked for this kind of approach, usually I like to show a cooler, looser shape and this time I went further with adding asymmetrical details in a fluid and softer materials.

Soft feminine looks were central to the collections, do you feel woman are moving away from gender neutral looks?

I am big fan of mixing gender and I always have a masculine approach into my designs. Mostly there are some tailored coats, parkas and trousers that can be ambiguous.

There were no accessories this season, all was clean.

There were some styling effects with basic bags designed by me and a partnership with shoes manufactures, those were also designed by me.