Alexis Bittar

Original over Expressionless

When a campaign is out of the box, it should be appreciated. Normally, fashion brands employ the same template. How many expressionless face models have we seen peddling the latest expensive this or that in glossy images? For a creative business, the fashion industry can be numbing with the same staid images.
Brooklyn jewelry and handbag designer Alexis Bitter took a cue from different influences by imagining a universe with the cast of characters that border on tragic comedy, integrating branding and seeding with clever storytelling in short Instagram videos.

Old money maven Margaux and abused assistant Jules or Jules are the golden Manhattan team, a modern dysfunctional duo that makes the new Sex and the City reboot feel wooden.
Theresa is straight from the John Waters casting call. The fabulous Coney Island native has her seven teen fans on TikTok and a husband who loves Fox News.

The FLU newscasters, a bull eyes parody of modern journalism with serpentine smiles glossed over with high-tech graphics.

Alexis Bitter proves originality and risk can triumph.