No Need for Lux!

Every season, two times a year, I hit the luxury stores. Sale Season! Those words are music to my eyes, hard on the wallet. Always updating the wardrobe on a budget. 

This year, like everything, things are a bit strange. Only a few customers allowed in the stores with fewer sales people. 

I noticed the trend, lux mixed with streetwear. Few brands have transitioned well. I would say some pieces were ugly. Saying this in front of a 50% off sale sign is a statement. In the past, going to a select store was a treat. I could not wait to a designer look.

Something happened this year. I traveled to the centers of Hamburg and Berlin for the special occasions. To my surprise, I found nothing I wanted. Walking from one top brand store to another, nothing hit me. ( Later, I will tell you about the service in a few places.)

Kadewe and Alsterhaus department stores, temples of consumption where all is offered under one roof. Being there inspired me to write this article. What happened to the big brands? On shelves one after another, the numbing sensation overwhelmed me. Some items came across as cheap at 1000 euros. Overpriced H&M production models. High fashion was about being distinguished, exclusivity. I am not an elitist, but somewhat of a fashion style snob. When there is a good markdown.

Perhaps in the New Normal my motivation for buying has changed. Why do I need this or that? Life and work wardrobes center on Zoom T-Shirts. 

There is still hope. I decided to buy a bag, and a scarf from independent luxury labels. The pieces are more original, more details.