No Bad Hair Screen Wear

Still, in yet another lockdown since November the barbers and hair salons have been closed. Perhaps, getting a hair appointment, maybe possible on March 1st. Until then, with all my online conferences, interviews and meetings, I do not want to want to leave a lasting impression with a James Brown mugshot hairstyle. I adapted a lockdown style. It’s one thing to have a “Bad Hair day”. But, like everyone during these times, I am living “Bad Hair Months”. I may wear mismatched socks under the desk, but the thought of having unruly hair immortalized on social media is a no go zone, an epic nightmare.

Thankfully, luxury Italian hat brand Borsalino gave me some hats to use. Each style has been a lifesaver. I decide on a hat and shirt before the digital medium close up.

Thank you to the Borsalino Team for giving me the hats.