ND10 Family Tech Member

The Neato D10 is a high end powerful robot vacuum for those of us who are not fans of cleaning floors. The very obvious D shaped device moves around the flat sweeping up debris efficiently.

My first impressions: speed, app, cleaning.

I tried the D10 without using the app to see how it worked. The docking process was straight forward. I hit the top “ON” button for a test try. There was a quick spin, off it went from one side to another. At first a bit awkward because the flat was unfamiliar terrain to the learning robot. On the device noise side, a constant whirl. The housing is smooth, simmering, sleek fast moving rolling and side brushes. The large 700 ml dust bin requires fewer emptying checks.

I got use to navigating the MyNeato app, but initially I found the somewhat software clumsy. Thankfully after looking at the reviews on Google Play and Apple Store I was not the only one. I had a struggle downloading to the OS System but had a smoother time with Android. The Bluetooth and Wi-Fi pairing functions were hassle free. Schedule the time runs and controlling the No Go Zones took a moment to learn, now it a simple touch on the screen. Before leaving on holiday, the floor space was set up for a run, while on the beach I clicked the button activating an Echo Mode session. The other cleaning mode is Turbo. However, I never use this feature because the energy saver speed is enough.

It is important to keep cables out of the way of the Neato. The smooth voice prompts comes across as the voice from the sci fi film “Logan Run” side.

After some runs the Neato D10 learned the layout of the floor. A complete cleaning took less than an hour, a short run was around thirty minutes.

Final Words

The Neato D10 is pricey compared to other robot cleaners. But this floor cleaning device become a part of my household tech family intelligently roaming the rooms three times a week.

Worth a buy.

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