Mediterranean Fest

Sandra Seeling Lipski is the Festival Director and Founder of the Mallorca International Film Festival.  2016 marks the 5th anniversary of the Mediterranean event.  This year’s honorary is famed actor, director and producer Danny DiVito.

The Black and Paper interview with Mallorca International Film Festival Director Sandra Selling.

Mallorca International Film Festival Director and Founder Sandra Seeling Lipski

What distinguishes the Mallorca International Film Festival from others?

There is an intimacy to the festival.  We attract a number of guests from all over the world.  What really makes Mallorca different from other festivals, we are the only festival in the world with a drive in cinema, for 2 nights we show 2 films.  The sound is delivered over the frequency of a local radio station. This year there will be a screening of War of the Roses.

Is the Festival more focused on independent cinema?

We were called the “Sundance” of the Mediterranean.  But yes we are definitely a place for independent filmmakers to show their works.

Why did you choose Danny DeVito as this year’s honoree?

Director Danny Divito’s War of the Roses with Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner will screes at the festival.

Mr. DeVito started working in independent cinema scene in the 1970’s.  His career evolved but he remained true to his artistic beliefs.   He just completed a film with his kids.  Plus, Danny is positive and funny.

As a creative director what do you look for in regards as festival entries?

My attitude is Surprise Me!  Fresh!  In December of 2015 I saw no films.  In January I started screening films.  The German film Wild by Nicolette Krebitz, blew me away! It is the story of a relationship between a woman and wolf.

How are you facilitating diversity in the festival program?

Being a woman I am drawn to female directors but I also want this festival to be a bridge to different cultures.  It is about opening windows.  I am always looking for something fresh, new stories, themes, filmmakers who take chances.   I recently saw a documentary on transgendered men who dress up as their mothers to share their stories about how their mothers feel about them.  It was emotional.

How are you facilitating networking for filmmakers?

Our Café con Cine is a breakfast where we invite people to come and speak, mingle, and discuss in a relaxed atmosphere.  There is the Producers Club and many panels on different topics.  All of the festival action takes place in the center of the city.  Afterwards, participants usually go to bars for drinks and tapas.

Drive-In Cinema

What are your favorite films?

Great Expectations, Born To Be Blue, (The story of Chet Baker) both are with Ethan Hawk, I am a fan.

Casino was the first adult movie I saw. Loved it! I had a connection with Bridges of Madison County.

Victoria (From director Sebestian Schipper) was a cinematic experience.  It really knocked my socks off! All was done in one take.  Laia Costa (Lead Actress) was amazing.

The Mallorca International Film Festival takes place from November 3rd to the 12th.  This year the festival will screes 17 films along with 6 documentaries.

Sandra Seeling Lipski is an international actress based in Los Angeles and Mallorca.   She is a graduate of the Los Angeles Film School with a degree in directing in producing.