Logomania is OUT!

The end of an era, actually, a recycled trend that started a few years ago Logomania has moved from being Bling Chic to feeling dated. As the world continues to grapple with Covid and the Ukraine War, showing off a luxury purchase with a giant emblazoned logo seems a bit out of touch.

Logomania, Balenciaga in case you didn’t know.

I remember when the latest craze of Logomania started thanks to social media. The Fake It At Any Cost culture went digital global on sharing platforms. First time luxury buyers not only wanted to show off their new affluence they wanted to flaunt the wealth. At times, the over do it styling became clownish. Classic, understated looks be darned.


Almost every fashion presentation or show I attended, it was the same plan, Go Big, Get Noticed. Fashion brands scrambled to redesign collections as well brand logos to get noticed. Influencers taking endless selfies accompanied with their latest purchases of an envied lifestyle dominated Instagram. Becoming a a living billboard was what fashion was all about for the past six years. Going to certain runway shows invitees would dress head to toe, as if attending a cult gathering, in a brand’s trademark symbol.

The was the fastest industry wide “What’s In Today, Out Tomorrow” shift I’d experience. Scalps were claimed. Recently, Michele’s exit from Gucci and Scott’s departure from Moschino are signals of the shift. A new reality has dawned of job uncertainty and energy crisis. The all-over Balenciga logo looks are out like latest The Shazam Movie.

As a very part time stylist and editor, a bit of relief because I never embraced paying a lot of money advertising a luxury brand. I was taught when it comes to fashion, notice me, then the clothes.

As I have said, there is a reason why images of classic styles are eternal, not because of a logo.