How Did We Get Here?

Ineptness. Greed. Political Correctness. Self-Preservation. Denial. As the Coronavirus marches across the globe containment is the strategy. Slowing down an enemy that is dangerous, deadly, with no moral conscience. The world has its work cut out. Entering a crisis tunnel on one end, not sure how or when we will exit. Further, what happens when we get out of the tunnel. One thing for certain, the landscape will be different. 

Fingers Crossed

Remembering Naomi Klein’s book The Shock Doctrine. I wondered what Draconian legislation would pass. As whole countries are in lockdown,afraid, and distracted. It would be easy. Yet, as each national government member seems to be hiding under a desk hoping the virus does not affect them. Some come out before the cameras with Deer in the Headlight Facial expressions trying to calm the masses with martial laws and curfews. Will this work? The “Keep the Fingers Crossed Strategy” is all they have left. 

Clearly, the possible end of modern society triggers reflection. How did we get to this situation? Wuhan, a beaming metropolis representing the best of modern China had a problem in a market. Corvid 19 was born. A virus jumped from one species to another. 

A Chernobyl Repeat 

This is not the first hazard from the Middle Kingdom, the 2002 SARS crisis. Nothing learned since then. At the start of November 2019 during the first cases, the party threatened, then arrested Medical Whistleblowers. The second phase involved a massive cover up, denial. Communist officials Another viral epicenter emerged from the most populouscountry. By January the secret was out. The CCP’s “Chernobyl PR Strategy” fell apart. 

The World Health Organization lavished praised China’s leaders. The UN body became willing propaganda tools. Adhanom’s gushing over Jinping’s handling of the crisis at times came across as abused partner acceptance.  A combined health and political institution started sending pandering messages to the world with an all over the place narrative.  Praise the leaders who allowed the raging fire to gain a foothold. Then allowed the fire to jump across to other houses. WHO heads went out the way not naming the virus after a region or a specific group. Admirable, but the press conference omitting a fact. Global Chinese Travelers became unknowing carriers, Patient Zeros, of a virus that eventually radiated to shutdown the world. 

Profits First 

How do you keep commercial access to world’s second largest economy, with a massive consumer market? Do not anger their masters. Prioritise profits and investments over the salvation of the human race. The reason airlines and countries did not cut off travel from China was simple. Cash! Leaders did not want to anger the CCP. Greed has a place at the table while responsibility looks through a cold window. Large investments need guarantees. A slight to thin skinned ranking officials would cause financial problems.. Country heads continually dismissed the growing health outbreak. Any chance to mitigate the situation got lost. 

As the global lockdown continues, I wonder who will take the blame for this catastrophe. Populations are stunned, but once this wears off, many will demand answers, many uncomfortable. Changes will come whether the leaders want them or not.

Finally, the curious part of the live ongoing sci-fi drama. The rewriting of history has began. The CCP is hailing itself as a “saviors”. The party “overcame” the adversity it wrought by sheer power of its strength. A bit premature considering the history of pandemics. This is the same as an arsonist setting the barns on ablaze then hailing himself a hero for calling the fire department.

As the daily headlines continue to take surreal turns, we can only ponder the question. How did we get here in only 4 months?