Hadid,,Again and Again

According to the fashion magazines, the word is always curious to see the latest midriff worn by a Hadid. Want to learn about Hailey Bieber’s skin care routine, for the 120th time, check out the latest issue of,,,. There was a time when publications were sources of inspiration and knowledge, along with the glossy images.

As readers moved from pages to digital platforms, magazines have lost their place at the head of the cultural table, no longer having a manicured nail on the pulse of style. Influencers, YouTube commentators and TikTok celebrities set the agenda in the never-ending world of original content. Vogue, along with its rivals, feel stale.

Forgive me for being lost, why do the fashion magazines continue to reproduce the same stories on social media and on the newsstand? Pivoting got lost in translation perhaps because of press relations, contacts, sticking to what they know could be the answer, despite dwindling sales and relevance.

The world is facing a war, inflation crisis, climate change and political uncertainty to name a few, yet, the fashion magazines seem lost in a maze of recycled satiny. Can anyone save these peaches and cream pages? Do they want to be saved is becoming the question. Fewer and fewer readers in the world will always be updated on Hadid’s six-pack.