Get Over Yourself

There was a “protest” at the last Paris Fashion Week. Marie Benoliel crashed the stage. The YouTuber confronted Hadid at the Grand Palais. The stunt was boring. Her excuse: “Fashion makes people unhappy”. Get over yourself Marie!

Fashion makes me happy. If I were unhappy with the state of it I would not protest on the Chanel Runway. The big houses are machines with bottom line pressures. The world works, the way the world works. Secondly, Chanel is an iconic brand with a classic aesthetic.

I support smaller brands. Independent labels where creativity has a chance to blossom into success. Traveling to Milan or Paris, I make it a point to attend the trade fairs as well as presentations. It gives me the chance to meet designers and go over their pieces. Fashion creators with genuine enthusiasm are infectious. They explain the vision behind the collections. I get a sense of their story; the past, present, and future.

When a person goes to a big fashion to protest. It is more about themselves getting attention than a matter of making a statement. Next time, someone should tell Marie instead of making a grandstanding nuisance of herself, why not post a picture of an unknown designer you like on your Instagram account?