Magical Dahab

Magical Dahab

A Hippie hangout in the 1970’s Dahab, Egypt is a small Bedouin fishing village located on the western side of the Sinai Peninsula of the Red Sea Coast.   A laid-back paradise for individual travelers especially compared to the other mass tourist destination in the area. If experience travel is your inspiration let Dahab be your first choice. There is a wide range of activities including: Free Diving, Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Windsurfing, and Mountain Excursions, Horseback and Camel Riding or just sit and relax on the golden beach at the lagoon.

There is no need to struggle for food in Dahab with plentiful choices but my favorites are Ali and his delicious Koshary, just look for the his small blue cart on the promenade or try the Blue House for Thai food or the Dai Pescatori for Italian, i recommend the Napoli Pizza.

Situated by the sea the Coral Coast Hotel offers affordable accommodation with single and double rooms, breakfast is included.

Scuba Diving

As a Scuba Diving instructor I return to Dahab year after year for the adventure because there are limitless offers.  There are a number of diving sights for every level of diving experience from beginning to the most experienced with the famous Blue Hole.   Diving is easy because just fringing most of the beach is a tropical reef with its explosion of undersea life.  In stark contrast to the tranquility of the Sinai dessert above, the water world is teaming with aquatic creatures of all sizes from the sublime to the colorful. (See video below)

I recommend the Lighthouse on the beach as a first point of entry for beginners and novices.  This location offers ideal conditions and high visibility.   A second dive sight is accessible by taxi to the Islands (my favorite). This spot is a spectacular coral maze. To keep it that way I recommend this for the more experienced diver.  To get to the Blue Hole take a taxi but for me the site is not more interesting than the coral but it is deep at around 100 meters.

After a dive, head for a well-deserved beer at Blue Beach Bar.

You have been warned, going to Dahab is addictive.  You will return time and time again.

The author of this story is a Dahab enthusiast and an Open Water Scuba Diving Instructor with over 800 dives.  His last visit was in April 2016.

Black and Paper Travel Exclusive Video on the underwater life of Dahab.

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