CSD Berlin

“HOT” is the only word to use for CSD Berlin 2018. Summers in the city are not normally sweaty but this year was an exception, under the hot German Sun the temperature hit 35 Celsius but that did not stop the high level of enthusiasm in late July. This year’s theme: My Life, My Identity, My Body. I felt the day’s celebration was bigger than usual, 600,000 attendees lined the parade route according to news outlets.

There were a higher number of corporate sponsored trucks, 60 in total, this year including Paypal, Deutsch Bank, Bay, Ikea, Siemens, Vodafone, etc. While many in this politically charged city think this is a negative, I take a positive view, inclusive means all. As reported in a recent article of the magazine Advocate “corporations are picking up the slack of LGBT Rights, going beyond corporate responsibility.” Besides, someone has to pick up the tab.

Berlin lived up to the fun of CSD, a capital of tolerance.  A Day to Let it All Go! Make a Statement! Have Fun for all!

See you next year!