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IMG_0523Colette is a boutique in the heart of Paris with an electric mix of brands.   located in the center of Parisone of the most influential stores in the fashion world with a loyal clientele shopping for the latest items from limited edition style looks to books or just a place to have a leisure cafe. But do not mistake it as a place for only “fashionistas”, Colette welcomes everyone.

An interview with Media Head Guillaume Salmon,  Public Relations Director of Colette, Guillaume has worked for the store since 1999.

Why is Colette a special boutique?

There is a magical feeling here. It is a family store. Mademoiselle Collette and Sara, Creative Director and Buyer have their own feeling of style and fashion, it is from the heart no the bottom line. We never talk about targets. This is an independent store. So there is no pressure. Sara selects what she wants from collections. She can decide on selling one piece or more.

Another big part of the success is the human environment for human soul of Colette. This is not a store for only jet setters but for everyone. We are not snobbish but have an open door. All buyers can find something they can afford for either 1 euro or for thousands of euros from art to coffee.

The store likes to introduce special editions along with a good mix of exclusive releases. There are the famous brands with the young designers side by side.

How does the store stay on top of trends?

First, we are always curious. Sara is always working, looking. Designers contact us concerning collaborations.

Why do fashion designers and brands want to be here?

They like the way we work. For Paris it is important for them to be here. We had the Apple Watch on display before the launch, the first in France.


Describe the store environment

Since 1997, we have had the same location on Rue Saint-Honore. We change the windows and displays every week. We tell stories. It is very important. There are many events and releases in the store. (Side Note: While wondering through the store I asked the staff many questions. They were friendly as well as informative.)


Who are the clients?

Many French of course, but from all over the world. Like I said, we are for everyone. We select and they like, we like.

Street culture lines are big launches. Sometimes people sleep in front of the store. Once when we launched sneakers we had a person sleep in their car for two days. (Side Note: The day of this interview coincided with the first day of sales for the Kayne West collection at the store. There was a long line at the door.)

Where is fashion going at the moment?

Fashion is a huge business.   There will always be luxury brands like Dior and Hermes. Those brands are like a dream. The way a person feels while wearing them.

The traditional brands are doing collaborations with chain stores like Uniqlo and H&M.   The looks are well designed while affordable.

Many new young designers are building their own brands. People want something different, new, and fresh.

Are there any exciting brands on the scene?

Vetements has a big buzz. The brand bridges streetwear and high fashion well tastefully. People were excited.  We bought the second collection.

Do you have a favorite designer?

OAMC for menswear, two guys merged fashion and streetwear using nice material. I liked Adam Kimmel but he stopped designer.   Off White from Virgil Obloh is good, streetwear.    He worked with Kayne West as a fashion consultant.

I like Buscemi Sneakers.

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Colette is located at 213 Rue Saint Honore, Paris.

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