Chic Attention

Saint Laaurent Creative Anthony Vaccarello took the brand off the Paris Fashion Week schedule in April 2020, announcing it would create its own calendar. Two days ago the brand unveiled the Spring/Summer 21 collection. What can I say? Yes. I really loved the looks.

A throwback to the fun days of going out. A celebration of just being wonderful and fabulous without guilt. The attention getting halter neck and sleeveless silhouettes are for a woman not afraid of chic attention. 

Vaccarello designed sixty six looks for going out to Studio 54 to meet Liza and Marisa Berenson.

Biker or exercise shorts styles were not my favourites, Chic Cheap.

Saint Laurent does not need my review. But, I had to give credit where credit is due. It is good to see a fashion megabrand still rooted it its historical sophistication.