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  • Do I like It or Not?

    Do I like It or Not?

    I managed to watch Amazon’s Lord of The Rings: The Rings of Power. A lot of people out there are not happy about the reinterpretation of the classic fantasy epic. My first reaction: I give the new series a B. Why? Stay tuned for my full review.

  • Streaming NOW

    Streaming NOW

    The Chat Cinema podcast episode discusses the latest big titles from the streaming services. These shows and a movie have taken the world by storm. Is the hype deserved? One says “yes” while the other cohost is not 100% convinced. You decide. Click below to see the episode.


    I interviewed Josh O’Connor at the Berlinale. The actor was new in the business. He has come along way. Mr. O’Connor stars in The Crown on Netflix.

  • My “Primal” Binge

    Yes! I am a cartoon, or should I say animation fan. Once in a while I binge watch a series here or there. I came across Adult Swim’s Primal by accident while searching over a site.  The story of a Prehistoric Man’s friendship with a Tyrannosaurus Rex.  Spear and Fang have one extraordinary adventure after […]

  • Yves Saint Laurent Museum Opens



    MIPTV There are different arms races happening here at MIPTV 2017.  The first is the battle for content in the form of dramas and formats. Television viewers are living in a Golden Age of Drama.  Producers and Platforms are searching for the next big 52 min show, another Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, or Madmen.   […]


    MIPTV April 2017 Dramas and Virtual Reality are dominating the television landscape at the world’s biggest television fair in Cannes.   Is there another Downton Abbey or Game of Thrones on the horizon?  A program from Germany has caught the eye of fair, Berlin Babylon, a period crime, mystery period piece set in the Wilmar Republic […]