Cannes Film Festival

Cannes Film Festival

2017 seems to be a bit of anticlimax as far as cinema is concerned at the 70th Cannes Film Festival.  Not a single break out film, the usual glamour on the red carpet of  film makers, celebrities, and models were in attendance but the quality level of entries were below average this year.

The festival was eclipsed.  There was more chatter about what Bella Hadid wore on the Red Carpet than what was being shown on the screen.

Streaming services Netflix and Amazon made their presence felt but not without controversy. This is France after all, where going to the theater to watch a film is an art form.   Cinephiles did not like the thought of a film only being available on a small home screen.  Welcome to the future guys! The streaming services have cash and are willing to spend it.

Nicole Kidman had four films premiers including the highly hyped Sofia Coppola’s remake “Beguiled.”  Quanity does not mean quality, the verdict on the features with the Oscar winning actress were more a shrug.

On a positive note, Director Todd Haynes, a Cannes regular, returned with his well-received film “Wonderstruck” with Juliane Moore.

Cinema is going through a wave of change in the forms of how viewers watch, delivery, and formats.   But like it has in the past, cinema will adapt and flourish.  Creative talent is always needed.  Plus, we all like a “good movie” not matter how and where we see it.