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  • 2023 Tribeca

    2023 Tribeca

    We got cleared for the New York’s premier glamour event, Tribeca Festival. 109 films make their debut at the 22nd annual event with features ranging from independent works to Classic Hollywood narratives. Other categories include Documentary, International Narrative and Spotlight Narratives. For the interviews, news and reviews check back here.

  • On Tap at IFFR 2023

    On Tap at IFFR 2023

    I never know what to expect at the International Film Festival Rotterdam. The Dutch fest always provides twists and turns with a program that challenges my views on cinema.

  • The Oscar Race For Short Films in 2022

    The Oscar Race For Short Films in 2022

    Presenting varied International Short films that are Oscar eligible. The standard of these films are original and mostly excellent. Starting with Tech to the Future by Sandro Monetti, not surprisingly, it is something otherworldly. The only non-fiction film here, the mood is like a news item straight out of Robocop. On-screen narrator Francis Hellyer proclaims […]

  • Tribeca 2021

    Tribeca 2021

  • Chat Cinema on Pebbles

    From the International Film Festival Rotterdam, Chat Cinema interviews the creative team of the Award Winning film Pebbles. Director Vinothraq’s story inspires the spirit. Part 1 of 2. Click the link. Stay Tuned for Part 2 of the interview.

  • Rotterdam Fest

    This is the first time I covered the the International Film Festival Rotterdam. I must admit, the Dutch event unspools films selected for being different or striking instead of political. As a cinema enthusiasts, I decided to have a more open mind perspective to filmmakers, learn new cinematic languages. Story telling that ventures into new […]

  • Did I Say Something Wrong?

    A Trapped Artist Inside    Dealing with bureaucrats with artistic pretensions is a balancing act. On the one hand they crave the hell with life mentality of Fassbinder, the go your own path of a Bowie, the respectability of Nolan mingled with the steady monthly salary of a state tax officer. Nowhere do I see […]

  • #ThisBerlinale18


  • #thisberlinale18


    Nina Rothe is a cultural journalist and film critic attending the 68th Berlinale. She has contributed to many magazines including Huffington Post.        

  • #thisberlinale18