Buy Fab! Return Later!

Inside many of us lurks an Elisabeth Taylor trying to get out. Glamour requires the right clothing. Everyone wants to lead a glamorous life. Getting the right looks are a part of the formula, overcoming the obstacle of costs is simple: buy today, wear tomorrow, return the day after tomorrow.  

During Fashion Weeks the “outfit of the day” is crucial for getting noticed by street style photographers. Dressing like a brand groupie gets the shutters clicking while standing outside the show. Getting the attention of a Getty or Vogue Photographer is the ultimate badge for an Instagram post. The lust to appear a part of the “in” crowd. I have often asked how do some afford looks and pieces. They can’t.  All a part of the plan to keep up an appearance, to get noticed. Look at what I am wearing! 

Buy the latest bags, coats and other pieces online or for those bold enough, at a store. Wear it once with the tags carefully pinned inside, show off the fashionista devotion, the fabulousness. Then return for a full refund. The style of a legend does not come cheap but can be obtained during a return policy window. “OOTD”  went to the next evolutionary level. 

Buying online from one of the many high end portal sites is the easiest and most face saving way to become an instant luxury label horse. The return polices are liberal, the reason for not wanting the purchase; no excuse needed.  

Not everything worn is real or even owned.