A Quick Conversation

Leandro Taub is a multi-disciplined artist born in Argentina.  His latest film, Endless Poetry, directed by Alejandro Jodorowsjy, debuted at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival.  An autobiographical story set against the artistic movement of Chile.

What is your roll in the film Endless Poetry?

In the film, I play the best friend of Alejandro Jodorowsky when he was also a teenager.   He discovers and finds in me an inspiration, muse, friendship, competition, and companion.  It is a great adventure.   My character’s name is Enrique Lihn, he learns about art, love poetry, and other inspirations at a young age. 

Variety described the film as “Felliniesque”, would you agree with this?

I believe that any comparison is a risk for the one who is doing it, for the ones who are being compared and for the witnesses who witness the comparison. First,  the one who is doing it, blocks his mind in definitions and doesn’t allow himself to open up to the new alternatives and ideas outside of his past experiences. Secondly, the ones who are being compared are judged not by what they are and what they are doing.  Lastly, the witnesses of these comparisons, if they are discerning, could believe in them. They are being influenced by the view of the others.

Leandro Taub - Foto por Vorfas 2Do you have a creative pattern?

Unpredictable! Not because I try, just because I am.  I don’t have a clue what is going to happen tomorrow.  Sometimes I go to one side, sometimes to the other side.  Sometimes I don’t like any side.   I have been involved in several projects from cinema to writing books. I hope everything I do improves the world.

Were you a David Bowie fan?

He was an influence with his music, words, and aesthetic. But if you explore my works you will not only find him, but you also find rabbis, pop idols, dictators, saints, yogis, porn stars, Hollywood stars, and philosophers.  I filter and process a lot of information.  Everything I have heard, seen, or listened to in one form of anther has influenced me, subconsciously. 

Name a great creative city.

Planet Earth, it is a big town, right?


Check local cinema  listings for Endless Poetry.  

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