Alessandro Michele showed 107 looks this season inspired by gender fluidity, cartoon characters, Joan Collins shoulders pads, and Elton John.  All of these elements made for an electric collection crossing many lines.

Black and Paper went to the Gucci Hub in Milan to get an up close and personal showing of the collection and pieces.  Beautiful jacquard fabrics with quilted linings that tell a story.

The connections to Elton John were up front and center, jackets s with musical symbols and “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” album cover sweat suits.

Signature Gucci Bags were made of strong leather but Python skins stood out.  Everyone will want one next year.

Sweaters were printed with Bugs Bunny and Snow White.  Coltish shorts matched with mid length feminine and masculine jackets were crafted for the athletic form.

Prominent in the collection were the sheer fabrics and terry cloth used for suits.  Lavish fur pelts details were intricate.  Each piece was an inch wide all sewn by hand.

The standouts of the season were the wrinkle and embroidery looks.  Gucci employed special techniques resulting in dazzling effects.  The dress (see below) is pure and simple opulence.

Black and Paper Associate Editor Leah Ahuja is based in Beverly Hills, California.  She was given a one on one presentation of the Gucci Collection during Milan Fashion Week.