Month: December 2021

  • 2021 The Year in Fashion

    Before Tacky Podcast talks about 2021 the Year in Fashion. The views on styles and trends combined with a different approach to life made for a fun discussion. Click Below to get the lowdown.

  • Once Again on Keanu

    Matrix 4 just got released. The reviews for the laest installment have been mixed, however the film’s star Keanu Reeves continues to be on an uninterrupted streak. How has Mr. Reeves stayed on top for over three decades? Check out the discussion the Chat Cinema Podcast.

  • Merry Christmas

    Black and Paper wishes you and all your loved ones a Merry Christmas for 2021.

  • Chat Cinema with Erica

    Chat Cinema with Erica

    The episode of Chat Cinema talks to Bay Area filmmaker Erica Eng about her new short film AMERICANIZED. Americanized was screened at the Bentonville Film Festival. Running time: 17 minutes.

  • At the KaDeWe 2021

    At the KaDeWe 2021

    The usual KaDeWe Christmas visit happened recently. Was this visit the same as previous years? NO. Covid pass to enter, fewer buyers and a feeling of melancholy for the what has passed. But it is nice to visit Berlin’s famed store.

  • The Year in Fashion 2021

    The Year in Fashion 2021

    2021 closes out to a new year. If Aliens landed, then asked to wear Gucci, I would not be surprised. The fashion world has dealt with the surreal look of the the New Normal. Stay tuned for our year end podcast in review.

  • One Survived The Rain,

    One Survived The Rain,

    The Jabra Elite Earplugs, I got a pair in the mail from the public relations agency. I already use the brand’s Evolve 2 on hear device.  My recommendation: Get a pair. The bluetooth earbuds are a solid superior piece of music gear with voice prompts and noise cancellation features. For daily use at the gym […]