Month: January 2021

  • Paris Couture Week- 4 More

    Four more fashion brands from Paris Fashion Week Couture we liked.

  • Not Missed?

    TISK! TISK! Trump, the Political Foil is gone along with his spotlight antics. No longer do we have those off the cuff Tweets taking over the global front pages. The distractions were laughable yet made many feel safe and superior. But today is a different time. Suddenly, many leaders look shoddy at best, mediocre handling […]

  • Paris Fashion Week Couture Day 2 with 4

    Day two of Paris Fashion Week Couture, here are four we like. Stay tuned for more coverage on the designs, designers and collections.

  • Couture Week Paris-4

    Highlights from the first day of Paris Haute Couture Week. Over the next few days check back for more details. But meanwhile, sit back and enjoy the creative power of these looks.

  • Streaming NOW

    Streaming NOW

    The Chat Cinema podcast episode discusses the latest big titles from the streaming services. These shows and a movie have taken the world by storm. Is the hype deserved? One says “yes” while the other cohost is not 100% convinced. You decide. Click below to see the episode.

  • From Paris Fashion Week Men. Four

  • The Next Chat Cinema Chat

    Yes. Chat Cinema gives it two cents on these streaming hits.

  • A New Look From a 20th Century Form

    A New Look From a 20th Century Form

    A Black and Paper exclusive interview with Korean Fashion Designer Avizmo Jo, creative head of De_caffeine homme. What attracted me to his brand were his outerwear pieces. I wanted to ask what inspires his designs and collections. The looks for the Fall Outerwear, three buttons and lapel, where did you develop this idea? Planning and […]

  • Before Tacky on MFWM

    Before Tacky on MFWM

    The first episode of Before Tacky covers opinions on Milan Fashion Week Men. The scene was different this year. The shows went virtual in 2021.

  • 7 Days 7 Restaurants

    I think the one occasion many of us during the lockdowns is the ability to go out for dinner. Let’s keep hope alive. When this is all over start the celebrations. Everyone should plan today for the day of the liftings. Make a list of seven restaurants, then go a different one every night.