Month: March 2019

  • Jacket Cozy

    From Milan Fashion Week Sept 2018.  Luxury outerwear Herno presented its new womenswear collection.   I like color on a person, HA! I found the use of a wide palette refreshing.  Stand out in elegant way.  Two looks from Herno  Sponsored by Canon Deutschland 

  • Here We Come Gorgeous

    Excitement is in the air.  Or should we say on a lake. The next Black and Paper fashion production will take place in Northern Italy, at Lake Garda. Preparing the details, the team cannot help but feel excited.   A location of spectacular scenery that inspires  our imagination.   The collaboration born from a discussion […]

  • Travel 2019 Trends

    Travel 2019 Trends

    Overtourism  After attending the ITB Travel Fair 2019, I learned the travel field continues to grow.  More want to get away, however,  questions are being asked of the effects.  “Overtourism” is becoming common. As a result, Many cities have become overwhelmed by holiday makers. Town centers have been abandoned for tourist.  Barcelona, Venice, and Prague […]

  • Where to Go?

    Thinking about your next holiday, check out the ITB coverage.  Add a destination to a bucket list. 

  • Paris Fashion Week

    Paris Fashion Week coverage continues from France 24.

  • Fanny Pack,,Not!

    The fanny pack has become a luxury brand staple. An accessory once regulated to streetwear to brands like Nike and Puma. Luxury makers have recently picked on the trend by introducing their own versions. Louis Vuitton’s 1500 euro item sets the standard in the fashionista category. My opinion: I will never own one.   Do […]

  • Clipper Inspired from Marrakesh

    Clipper Inspired from Marrakesh

    Marrakesh. One of those places that excites the imagination of any traveller.      My travel to the city turned into a delightful adventure of walks in the medina absorbing the sights, smells, and sounds. Getting lost was part of the fun.    Listen to the podcast sponsored by Beyerdynamic.  Clipper Inspired recommends: Bahai Palace, Bab […]

  • Paris Fashion Week, Long Live Fashion

    Paris Fashion Week is in fill swing.  The report from France 24.