Month: December 2017

  • Not Thirsty!

    Not Thirsty!

    There are some social media platforms that we like. There are some social media platforms we question. As a site for all things creative, inspiring, and wonderful being in a place of thirsty, desperate wannabes employing questionable means is not for us. Taking all of this into consideration, Black and Paper has decided to quit […]

  • Ingolstadt Shopping

  • The 68th Berlinale

    The 68th Berlinale

    The 68th annual Berlinale starts on February 15th.  The opening film is Wes Anderson’s “Isle of Dogs”, a stop motion animation feature from the auteur featuring an all-star voice cast. We are not sure what to expect. It looks unusual. Black and Paper coverage of the Berlinale starts on February 15th.

  • Inspiring Marrakesh

    Inspiring Marrakesh

    Black and Paper is in Marrakesh, Morocco  for the holiday season.  This exotic city in the Sahara is a wealth of  sights, smells, and sounds. I am preparing the features, stay tuned.

  • Christmas List 2017

    It was all about the quality of life this year. The term “overreach” is out.  I was inspired by the experiences I have had, from a visit to rustic colonial gem, to the pleasure of a simple bath, or an item in a store that caught my attention. Feeling special, having something that is  different […]

  • Marrakech Bound

    Marrakech Bound

    For Christmas 2017, Black and Paper goes to Marrakech, Morocco.  We are looking so forward to the visiting the exotic dessert city of inspiring landscapes and spectacular gardens.     A highlight will be our  tour of the Yves Saint Laurent Museum.  A entire center dedicated to the Master of Fashion. (The story is coming soon) Stay […]

  • Fashion Expedition

    Fashion Expedition

    Shopping for a bargain is always an adventure.  I call these outings “Fashion Expeditions”.  My latest expedition took me to the Ingolstadt Village in the south of German, located in this center are over 130 stores from many top designers and brands. The center is architectural fairytale kitsch painted in soft pastel colors designed with […]

  • Stay Warm, Look Cool!

    Stay Warm, Look Cool!

    Black and Paper Christmas List Stay Warm, But Look Cool! Luxury outerwear brand Moose Knuckles sets a high bar for jackets and parkas with many details including Duck Down for insulation against the hardest weather conditions. Moose Knuckles is available in fine stores worldwide.

  • Here We COME!

    Milan Fashion Week Men here we come! All the latest looks and styles from the fashion capital of the Italy.   The fun starts January 12th.

  • Getting the Perfect Watch

    Getting the Perfect Watch

    How to pick the perfect watch?  Style? Make? With a so many makes and brands it is understandable to feel a bit overwhelmed. Jess Miller provides Black and Paper reader’s tips on buying the perfect watch this gift giving season. Choosing The Ideal Watch Type There’s no fixed favorite among the different types of watch. […]