An Inspiring Master

Stepping into the Salvatore Ferragamo Museum in Florence was a dream. American press dubbed Ferragamo “Shoemaker to the […]


Lqd presents Grooming Care for men. Deeply cleansing for lifting away excess oils while moisturizing the skin, Lqd Face […]

Instathirst NO!

Goodbye Instagram!   It was nice while it lasted but for some reason it never felt like a […]

Romance Not Needed

Is there a price difference between a Homosexual Date and Heterosexual Date?  I learned there is on some […]

Less Means More

Did you know Heterosexual men invest a lot of money and time in the “chase” compared to Homosexual […]

Shaving Cream What?

Shaving Cream What? An ordinary trip to buy shaving cream turned into a journey of admiration, passion, male […]