Month: July 2022

  • Kite Surfing City

    Kite Surfing City

    A revisit to Laboe, Germany. The Northern Baltic City is a destination for Kite Surfing.

  • An Ancient Allure

    The ancient ruins of Paestum Italy. The former Greek colony was founded in 600BC.

  • Gap Meets Ye

    Gap Meets Ye

    The fashion collection many have been waiting for has dropped. The Gap, Ye and Balenciaga collaboration debuted. My first impression. Grim. Misshapen. It took a “genius” to design this! The Players Kayne and Gap announced a 10 year partnership in June 2020. For one side the deal made commercial sense, while for the other, a […]

  • CSD Berlin Roars Back

    CSD Berlin Roars Back

    The Christopher Street Day Berlin celebration came roaring back in 2022. After two years in a moribund state, Gay Pride hit the streets of the capital city for a 7k walk of fun and pride. Walking around I witnessed everyone celebrating having a good time. In the words of George Clinton, “Free Your Mind and […]

  • Conscience Fashion

    Coming Soon. A Before Tacky interview with shoe brand head Rodrigo Doxandabarat about conscience fashion and production.

  • Tribeca Fest Likes

    Tribeca Fest Likes

    The New York City Film Festival unspooled its usual cinema fair of polished works by filmmakers from around the world. The mixture of physical and virtual continued this past June for ten days. God Said Give Em’ Drum Machines is the story of how a sound was created in the Detroit music scene. Check out […]

  • DIVA in 2022

    An extraordinary film released in 1981, Jean-Jacques Beineix‘s DIVA is a classic example of Cinema Du Look. Expressive, colorful, romantic. The French thriller is the story of an Opera Singer and a secret tape. Released by Rialto Pictures in the US.

  • Tech Coming Soon

    Tech Coming Soon

    The IFA Innovations Media Brief 2022 took place July 13th and 14th. The annual technology preview event happened seven weeks before the launch Berlin consumer electronic show after a two year absence due to Covid. While a smaller than past IMB’s gathering, the atmosphere was enthusiastic if not intimate. Pinpointing a micro trend, staying comfortable […]

  • IFA IMB 2022

    IFA IMB 2022

    Technology news is back in the Black and Paper. After two years the IFA IMB is back. A nice size preview consumer electronics trends. July 13th and 14th at the City Cube the biggest technology brands offer a small size sampling of the upcoming IFA fair in September.

  • At the Pool

    An image from our 2019 editorial swimwear shot at Lake Garda at the Aqualux Hotel.