Filmmaker Ambition

Sorry about the background noise.  If you need more information go to the second video. Overview. Specs  In […]

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Influencer, HOW?

Trust Issues!  Has the influencer trend come to an end?   Not sure, but change is taking place. Influencer marketing […]

From Berlinale: Michaela Coel

A Future Star With Personality London born actress Actress Michaela Coel is effervescent.  When it came to chatting […]

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Beyonce Takes Control

Inspiring  Beyonce has announced she is working on, or should say taking control of a  Vogue Issue. I […]

Mr. Moustache A GO GO

During CSD Berlin I could not help but notice this guy completely energized resembling the sexy Cowboy from […]

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CSD Berlin

“HOT” is the only word to use for CSD Berlin 2018. Summers in the city are not normally […]

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Florence in 3 Words

One word cannot describe Florence. We decided to use 3. Who could not fall in love with an […]

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Fake It Til,,

FAKE IT! The age of “fake it til you make it” is upon us. The “Bling Culture” is […]