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  • Divinity and Sins

    Divinity and Sins

    Spanish fashion designer Juana Martin themes for this year Paris Fashion Week Couture collection blended the age old conflict of Divinity and Sins. Fruits and fish motifs mixed with lace and gauze for the twenty four looks on the June runway show.

  • A Before Tacky Brief

    Fashion designer Brett Johnson talks about creativity in this Before Tacky Brief. Check out the entire podcast here:

  • Paris Fashion Week Goes On

    Paris Fashion Week Goes On

    From Paris Fashion Week July 2024, some images from our visit in the city.

  • Is Paris the Same Place?

    Is Paris the Same Place?

    Traveling to Paris for Fashion Week can come across as glamour meets pretentious. However, for this visit, clothing was front and center. We hit some shows, but decided to focus on behind the scenes by getting the low down on the business and trends. Designers, press relations and stores gave us opinions on topics ranging […]

  • In the HIGH VOLT

    Black and Paper participated in the London editorial fashion production with designer Alan Scott featuring his eponymous label featured in “Cutting Edge” issue of High Volt Magazine. Actress, model Eugenia Kuzmina and photographer filmmaker Darren Vukasinovic captured the atmosphere of the dockside in the capital city.

  • Music and Climate Change

    Music and Climate Change

    From the Tribeca Film Festival there were more titles screening on the subjects of music and Climate Change. Saddled with the description “Too Black, Too Fat,” this label would shadow the acclaimed singer for his entire career. Drew Porter pulls back the sparkling curtain, presenting a story of a singer whose zig zag rise to […]

  • Music and More at Tribeca

    Music and More at Tribeca

    Once again on the Tribeca Film Festival platform I screened a movie on a musical artist who got cheated in three categories; historical, financial and recognition.  BAM BAM: The Sister Nancy Story fills in the blanks concerning one of the most sampled musical pieces in history from a ground breaking performer, Jamaican songstress Ophlin Russell, […]

  • Tribeca Fest 24

    Tribeca Fest 24

    The Hollywood Strikes hit the entertainment industry in 2023.  Work stoppages caused disruptions along the chain from Hollywood to independent cinema.  The film festival circuit did escape the five-month long actors and writer’s dispute.   As I cover the Tribeca Film Festival there is a marked difference in the level of entrants. A number of foreign […]

  • The Lagerfeld Treatment

    The Lagerfeld Treatment

    The iconic fashion designer gets his own bio-series on Disney+. Karl Lagerfeld was nothing if not a flamboyant mega-talent. The German born figure took no prisoners in his larger than life voyage to the top of the fashion world. Daniel Bruhl stars in Becoming Lagerfeld, available today.

  • On Change in Fashion

    On Change in Fashion

    Change is inevitable, in the fashion business, change is often.  The news from New York took the industry by surprise.  Calvin Klein announced the appointment of Veronica Leoni as creative head, the female to lead he label.  The brand plans to return to the runway schedule.  Why this change of strategy?   Parent company owner PVH […]