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  • The IFA 2023 Breakdown

    The IFA 2023 Breakdown

    IFA Berlin 2023 closed on September 5th. The annual technology event is a go to not only for seeing the latest gadgets but also for tech trends. The 99th edition shook off the post Covid malaise from the previous year. 130,000 square meters were sold out with brands and companies from around the world. Since […]

  • Robot Stories Preview

    Robot Stories Preview

    At IFA 2023 there was a preview of robots. Will these mechanical creations be on the streets or in our houses soon? We have an upcoming podcast from a tech start up on the future uses of robotic technology.

  • Feeling #Vindicated

    I have no pleasure in Carlo Chatrian’s abrupt departure. The Swiss native is a cinema enthusiasts. During my interview with the former Locarno Film Festival head, I found him to be engaging, positive and passionate about the cinematic art form. After taking the helm in Berlin in 2020 following the departure of Kosslick, Carlo seemed […]

  • Nokia goes Affordable

    Nokia goes Affordable

    Nokia was once the undisputed king of the mobile phone market, with a market share of over 50% in 2008. However, the company was slow to adapt to the rise of smartphones, and by 2013, its market share had fallen to just 3%. In 2014, Nokia sold its handset business to Microsoft. HMD Global, a […]

  • Prometheus? Not So Sure

    Prometheus? Not So Sure

    Prometheus gave man fire, and the Gods were not happy. Oppenheimer, the latest Christopher Nolan Film, is a war drama based on the Los Alamos Project, the race to acquire the Atomic Bomb. Based on the book American Prometheus: The Triumph and Tragedy of Robert J. Oppenheimer, the $100 million production follows Oppenheimer and his science […]

  • A History of Time

    A History of Time

    Clipper Inspired covers time in this episode from Glashütte Germany. The Saxony town is the timepiece production of the country with history of watch production dating back over 170 years. Michael Hammer talks about the watch museum’s historical collection and heritage.

  • Worth IT?

    Once a the dominate name in mobile phones NOKIA has fallen far from it’s heyday. I have been using the Finnish brand’s G60 5G. Is the mid level device worth it? Find out in my coming review. Stay Tuned for my IFA 2023 Coverage.

  • An Underrated Place to Go

    An Underrated Place to Go

    Meissen, the Capital of Porcelain, is an underrated town. Located 25 miles from Dresden, the hilly, 11 centuries old Saxony German settlement proved me wrong, underrated came to mind. Why? I had little expectations for a day trip. With only 30,000 inhabitants, pleasant surprises come from small packages comes to mind, picturesque scenes, wine tasting and a […]

  • Not So Cheap Buds

    Not So Cheap Buds

    Recently I needed a new pair of earbuds. As a regular gym goer , time goes by faster, tuned into my own music. Another reason, I keep loosing my sound devices. This time my criteria was price, nothing over 50 euros, decent quality and hopefully long life. A journey to the local Media Market, telling […]

  • In the Pipeline

    Stories we have in the pipeline, Glashütte Museum on the Clipper Inspired Podcast, the other worldly scenes from Dresden, Glashütte Original timepieces and the Moritzburg Palace.