Why This?

The new law from Anti Abortion Law in U.S. Southern State of Georgia is as draconian as they come. The “Fetal Heartbeat” takes the argument beyond reason to Stalin levels of criminal justice. As a person from the region I am used to the righteous zealotry. Hardworking people manipulated by furious victimhood misinformation. 


Why this law? A push back against the #metoo movement. The continued from the perceived liberalism of Obama. Or the foot off the brake in the Trump Era. Governor Brian Kemp signed into a law legislation making abortions illegal in the state or anyone traveling to have an abortion a crime. This is a man has not read a history book. Communist Russia had the same type citizen controls. The smell of fear permeates the air, social restrictions start one rule at a time. My home state could never be considered a bastion of humanistic ideas. Slavery from the past, chain gangs and the death penalty in the present course through genteel veins. Having a legislative class voting down countless bills concerning enabling social advancement, medicare, higher minimum wage come to mind, I view the sudden epiphany for life with doubt.

The state is one of the top film and tv production centers in the world with almost $3 billion spent last year. There is no economic gain from this social posture. I usually stay out of this type discussion. Abortion has been a wedge issue since Woe vs.Wade. Nearly five decades later the arguments continue. People are capable of making a monumental decision as abortion on their own. The added pressure of criminal prosecution should not hang over them.

I wonder what is next? Target the next group that does not fit into a myopic view of modern life. “Pass the law, then find the criminals”, a quote from Soviet Union.