Visual Checking

Men can be handsome just by being. Sorry ladies, since the industrial revolution men have been liberated from pageantry, no more make up, wigs, or fancy dress attire. Masculine attractiveness became “mininmal physical”.  The modern suit is all he needs.  A style that has not changed in 130 years. 

As I take the train to a business city, I noticed gentlemen in nice suits. YES! A suit can make the man. Complete with polished shoes and a brief case. It adds points to his visual appearance. There is a tall slim guy on in a jacket and suit, he looks good because the clothing enhances his length. Polished shoes are important. I usually casually look down to check the style and state. BINGO! He is a man with confidence, going somewhere. If he is wearing a nice watch,,, husband material. Should I look for the ring on the finger before the visual check? No! It takes away the spirt of the game.