• Studio 189

    I saw Studio 189 on a luxury website. The Ghana brand eye catching patterns peaked my curiosity. The brand collaboration between actress Rosario Dawson and Adrima Eriah is a rising star in the fashion world with social justice credentials by supporting African production. Click below to see the fashion shows.

  • Pitti Uomo Dandy Report

    It is always fun to attend Pitti Uomo.  The Dandys or Peacocks walking around showing off their looks are impressive but at times some looks felt overdone.  We think what makes a great look is if the looks seem effortless not like a math equation. Stylist Gianni and I share share our views from Florence. […]

  • Red Carpet Inspired

    Check out the quick interview from the Milan Fashion Week with Designer Nitin Kartikeya.  I interviewed him at The Hub.    Sponsored by #CanonDeu

  • Paris Experiences

    Want to know what my experiences were like in Paris during Couture Week? Check out some of the videos.  It was never boring. Sometimes a challenge overcoming old values. All things considered, I plan on returning.  But Paris always excites me.  A Big Thank You to Canon.  They loaned me a camera. 

  • History of Champagne

  • Scent of Seduction

  • A Quick Interview in Milan

    During Milan Fashion Week it was refreshing to meet a person who appreicuates and supports fashion designer . A “fashion influencer” is a person who goes to shows and posts endless selfies with freebies from brands.  How many “Influencers” really support designers or brands? Meeting Briana Linea of  Instagram  account “Fashion_Fridays”, 330.000 followers, was refreshing. […]

  • Paris Fashion Week from France 24

  • Fashion Fusion

    Fashion Fusion is an initiative by Telekom bring together design, fashion, and technology in all shapes and forms. More conceptual than practical, many of the looks are what one would call unwearable in today’s streetwear centered style culture. The Video you see is part of the fashion show.

  • Mopping after a MANICURE!

    During IFA Media Briefing I tried out the Karcher Mop.  A simple device to use: turn it on, point in a direction, let it go. Sorry about the sound.   There was too much background noise.  I decided to make it SILENT. Side Note: A manicure costs 10 euros.