The Worst Case Got Crazy

What the Hell Happened? We thought 2020 could not get anymore surreal. Guess What? It did. Donald Trump the President of the United States elected in 2016 could not shake off his game show host quality to fit the office. His handling of the Covid 19 virus, then the tanking of the economy should have been the death rattle of his quasi circus act mixed with something loosely resembling leadership. The November 3rdelection should have been curtains down on this act. Mr. Trump did not get the memo. A man of thousand lives seems to survive everything his haters throw at him including a feeble excuse of an opponent in the form of Vice President Joe Biden. 

Wrong Again 

If the Democratic Party intended to win this election cycle maybe the leaders needed to use a different playbook. What should have been an easy night a blue wave, got darker as the night passed. Two weeks ago according to pollster and media professionals, the President was a sinking ship 10 points behind. The results showed a resurgent Trump with more votes than in 2016. Ever the showman, before the final vote count, Mr. 45 declared himself the winner at 2 am. At 7am Wednesday morning I asked myself, “Why are these people paid?” Once again they  all got it wrong.

The record voter turnout means people care about the process. Nonetheless, the evenly split country offers no easy political answers There will be hard feelings for the losing side. The GOP will dig in. The Democratic strategy of lurching to right may continue attempting to become a GOP lite.  Although the consequences might leave a bitter taste to swallow for the left. But let’s not forget the party gave the left wing the finger.

Biden Will Not Fly

If Trump gets a second term, the DNC recriminations will start immediately. If Biden becomes the 46thcommander and chief, his Presidency will be The Spruce Goose of Washington.  An oddity parked in the White House.  The Democrats gambled and lost regardless of the Presidential outcome. Pelosi, Shumer and company under estimated Donald’s cunning and devotion of his followers. Instead of policies, they gave long press interviews of nothing during a national meltdown. 

I guess sitting in front of her $30.000 refrigerator eating a $12 dollars half litter of  ice cream has made the House Speaker a bit disconnected from constituents reeling from mass unemployment, housing foreclosures and health care worries. And what about Obama? His legacy is sealed, nothing more than a transitional figure with a bag of empty rhetoric. 

2021 got even more frightening. Which ever candidate wins, we all lose.