The Up and Comers

The Shooting Stars is a European Project promoting up and coming talent in cinema. Each year 10 performers are chosen by film professionals for their work in media.

European Shooting Stars at the Berlin International Film Festival 2018.

Franz Rogowski from Germany

Irakli Kvirikadze from Georgia

Jonas Smulders from The Netherlands

Matteo Simoni from Belgium

Matilda De Angelis from Italy

Michaela Coel from United Kingdom

Alba Ausust from Sweden

Reka Tenki from Hungary

Luna Wedler from Switzerland

Eili Harboe from Norway

Black and Paper participated in round table interviews with the actresses this past February.It’s always interesting to see how young talent face the press corps in a manic setting of photogrpahers and television cameras.

Alba August 

Alba August is the daughter of esteemed Swedish Director Belle August. I was taken by her confidence. Her stories of visiting her father on film sets reveals in a way she is a veteran in the business.

Elie Harboe 

Norwagien Actress Elie Harboe did not travel the classic route of acting work with professional training at school.  Auditioning for film during an open casting call at age 7 she learned technics in small groups. She was using an Acne bag as an everyday accessory for carrying books. An avid reader with a Bachelor Degree in English Literature, her dream is to publish a book in the future.

Malinda De Angelis wearing Fendi 

Of course I expected style from Italian Actress Malida De Angelis. She was wearing Fendi. She was the only lady wearing high heels. “As an Italian we care about Fashion”. A self-decribed actress by chance, she trained as a muscian. “Music is fundamental in my life”, “when I prepare for a role, to get in the mood I listen to certain bands” says De Angelis.

Belgium Actor Matteo Simoni 
Got this image but no time for an interview. 

Stay tuned for Shooting Stars 2019 this Februrary from Berlinale.

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