The State We Are In!

As the George Floyd Uprising continues in the United States and around the world. I can look and wonder how a tragic video of man slowing having the life choked out him became a movement. This is not the first time such a video has been seen. Why did this one hit home? A combination of many of the perfect storm. An African American man hunted and murdered in Georgia. A Bird watcher in New York threatened by a woman. Tired of being tired. Too much in a short period of time. Who’s next? 

Protect and Serve? 

Police in America are to “Protect and Serve” is a great slogan but not the reality. However if you are a person of color law enforcers are a kin to Henchmen. An apparatus of a State oppression no different from the Gestapo in many ways. I lived in Los Angeles. The feeling of oppression hangs in the air.

The brutal scenes of police forces combating protesters has shocked all the world. For those of us who know the ugly side of the the policing techniques, not so much. Now White America experiences the repressive structure it has built over the centuries. An organization used to terrorize to “keep them in line” has now turned on those who it was “supposed” to protect. A hit over the head with a baton for those whose impressions of policing comes from CSI.

The mainstream news media deserves no credit, late to the game. Most commentators are lackeys wanting access to keys of power thus asking no hard questions or research or at the narratives. They use the word “Riot” instead “Uprising”. Commercial media even want to us to forget their role in the Police State we find ourselves confronting. Ferguson gave us clues of what was to come- a militarized police force with utter competent for the citizens it was meant to serve.

What A Class? 

What have we done to to deserve this political class? Our so called representatives are the real Charlatans living in a disintegrating detached reality. Suddenly, public officials are attempting to rewrite their history hoping we will forget their past criminal judicial policy positions this election year.

President Trump continues to show his ineptitude as a leader. An “American Ceausescu” had to take refuge in the White House bunker. Then he dreamed up an Orwellian enemy, is the best enemy for yet another endless war. I.E. Who or what is ANTIFA?

And where were McConnell, Pelosi, and Shummer? Beside Trump in the bunker. At their only press conference over the past few days, the 3 congressional leaders looked as if they were preparing for the crowd to storm Capital Hill.

The trio acted as if they were unaware the police were killing Black Men. REALLY! What was unexpected; the ferocity and expansiveness of the public revolt, from Minnesota to New Zealand.


The real Tragic Greek figure in this, is Obama, his platitudes to nowhere, smooth sermons, and empty words. During While his 2 term Presidency, were there any policing policy changes?

A hollow media slogan , Mr. “Change We Can Believe In” spoke from his Martha’s Vineyard $12 million mansion, underscoring how important it is get out and vote in November. UH! HUH!

Sorry to tell you this, real change comes from the streets.

My advice for the former President concerning commenting on the protests would have been: get better pr advisors or go back to Billionaire Richard Branson’s private island for long surf trip. You were not needed or called.

Biden in 2020. No Thanks! This man made a career of Boogey Man Politics, scaring his voters, “Predators on the Street”. Bided signed on to every crime legislation bill over the past 40 years. He lobbied for special protection for policemen.

While there is no enthusiasm for the former Vice President. Desperations plays in his favor. A win but a poisoned chalice awaits.

The coming days, weeks, and months will radically define America one way on another.