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  • Asteroid City Hits Cannes

    Asteroid City Hits Cannes

    Director Wes Anderson hits Cannes this year with ASTEROID CITY. The all-starrer work promises to be typical Wes complete with quirky characters, jelly bean production values and off kilter storyline. Cannes Film Festival starts May 17th.

  • #thisberlinale18

      Please forgive the wind in the mic.  We will solve the problem. 

  • The 68th Berlinale

    The 68th Berlinale

    The 68th annual Berlinale starts on February 15th.  The opening film is Wes Anderson’s “Isle of Dogs”, a stop motion animation feature from the auteur featuring an all-star voice cast. We are not sure what to expect. It looks unusual. Black and Paper coverage of the Berlinale starts on February 15th.