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  • Going Green Tech

    Going Green Tech

    Green Tech Berlin arrived with 200 exhibitors showcasing products and services. The two day fair is a place to learn about products and services tackling carbon zero and sustainability challenges with fresh ideals. German automotive company presented a mini concept car made from recycled and 3-D printed materials.  The 240hp was made by twelve interns […]

  • Tiggiano’s Local Charm

    From Berlin to Tiggiano, Giacomo Cazzato talks about his charming town on the Adriatic Coast on our travel podcast. In a busy Berlin restaurant the mayor describes what makes this historical beach destination special. Check out the Clipper Inspired Podcast below

  • Going to Gallipoli

    Going to Gallipoli

    Gallipoli, the Italian city on the peninsula’s heal may not be the most well traversed destination in the Latin Country, but that maybe be a good thing. Located on the Ionian Coast, the historical city offers a coast of crystal clear water along with beach weather until November. That part shocked me! As well, the […]

  • Gallipoli is coming to the Clipper Inspired Podcast

    The Southern Italian city Gallipoli is an upcoming topic of our next Clipper Inspired Podcast.

  • A Bit More Of ITB BERLIN

    A Bit More Of ITB BERLIN

    A bit more from ITB Berlin 2024.

  • ITB Travel

    ITB Travel

    ITB Berlin Berlin arrived to the capital city today. The massive annual travel fair is the place to learn about new trends in the tourism sector. The ITB Berlin runs until March 7th

  • Classic Retail Tale

    Shopping in Nuremberg’s big department store Breuninger store gives off the feeling of retailer in the concept boutique arena. Unlike corporate shopping nameplates, the Stuggart based chain does not have a cluttered spaces with wall to wall merchandise or taxing small lanes. Instead, thankfully, there is a sense of spatial tranquillity. The ground floor cafe […]

  • Clipper Inspired talks Senegal

    Clipper Inspired talks Senegal

    Click below for this episode of Clipper Inspired on the African Nation Senegal. We met up with the Minister of Tourism, he gave us a quick view on the travel offerings.

  • Eating in Solerno

    Eating in Solerno

    I still remember eating in this restaurant while visiting Salerno, Italy. While walking in the old town I saw the sign on the narrow street. The atmospheric inside a 12th century church establishment got my attention because of its unique interior, with the lighting and vault ceilings. I recommend Taverna Santa Maria De Donno (TDSDM). […]

  • A Schwerin Recharge

    A Schwerin Recharge

    In case you live in Berlin but need a quick recharge away from the city, a recommendation, Schwerin, the capital of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. A quick two hour drive away from the German Capital, the mid-sized city moves at a relaxed pace.