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  • From A No Person to,,

    From A No Person to,,

    The coveted Blue Check Mark, a sign of a certain social media status, membership into an elite club of verification. Platforms dangled these haute emblems to commoners, an aspirational symbol of digital legitimacy. Recently I started getting message on my Instagram account asking me to verify my account. I stopped posting on IG in 2017, […]

  • Fronting and Fake

    Fronting and Fake

    Fronting: Acting like you are more, or you have more, than what really exists. Fake: is a word to describe people who aren’t themselves in order to gain friends and end up being more popular. They seem very nice to everyone, yet trash-talks them behind their back in order to get attention from people and […]

  • Intagram’s Fast Fashion Affect

    An excerpt from Before Tacky Podcast the team spoke about Instagram’s affect on fast fashion. Trying to live the large life while caring about sustainable fashion is a contradiction for the social media set.