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  • Lufthansa vs Ryanair

    Lufthansa vs Ryanair

    The difference is REAL! Lufthansa and Ryanair are completely different flying experiences. You pay a low fare to get to a destination. One is basically a cattle wagon while the other has a customer service dimension. Don’t complain, sit back and tolerate what paying pennies can buy. I took a flight to Milan on Ryanair. […]

  • Fly Cheap and Simple

    Taking a Ryanair flight is an experience.  Just relax, chill out, and got with the flow.  How much do you expect for 9.99?

  • 9.99 Or Bust!

    Why do we suffer for a 9.99 ticket from an airline that treats people like more like cattle than customers?  We are cheap.   I have traveled the low cast airline many times.  Now, I’m inspired to write about why I suffer but still find myself in the terminal waiting.  Stay Tuned.