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  • Fronting and Fake

    Fronting and Fake

    Fronting: Acting like you are more, or you have more, than what really exists. Fake: is a word to describe people who aren’t themselves in order to gain friends and end up being more popular. They seem very nice to everyone, yet trash-talks them behind their back in order to get attention from people and […]

  • Click and Meet Berlin

    Click and Meet Berlin

    Today I got a message from the KaDeWe regarding my Click and Meet experience. How do I out it? Horrible. If I ever wanted to feel what it was like to live in the U.S.S.R circa 1972. I had a taste of it on Saturday at 1:00, standing outside in the cold wet weather waiting […]

  • Fashion Lowdown Preview

    Today, I read Gucci’s sales fell 10%. Sales in China saved the copernicus luxury brand from collapse. Last week LVMH put the brakes on Superstar Rhianna’s fashion line after two years. These stores are not a surprise in the current environment where consumers are in a holding pattern. The Black and Paper Fashion Lowdown report has […]

  • Sales Can Help

    After Christmas, the sales season starts. This year many local stores and independent fashion brand/designers face challenges. Please show them your support with your purchases.

  • At The KaDeWe 2020

    At The KaDeWe 2020

    Berlin’s luxury department store felt a bit strange this season. Every year I visit the seven floor Kudamm fashion temple during Chrstimas for a glass of Champagne. Then I grab a few gifts and items. Happily the food floor was open. But, due to the recent strict lockdown the shopping floors have been mothballed and […]

  • Empty on Christmas

    Empty on Christmas

    Normally, the last weekend before Christmas stores bustle. During this season retailers earn as much as 50% of their yearly income. Not this year, all is closed because of the latest lock down. I visited a neighborhood mall. Three more stores have permanently closed. Brick and mortar retail will have fewer and fewer locales after […]