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  • Menswear & The Wardrobe

    Marquis Miles sat down for an interview about menswear fashion at Pitti Uomo. The Washington DC resident style consultant gives advice on what to have in the wardrobe for 2024.

  • Before Tacky

    Part 2 of the Before Tacky Podcast with Italian Fashion Designer Piero Cividini and co-host Irene Serra. Click Below: Listen to Irene Serra’s single below My hat by Borsalino and Shirt by Van Laack from ThinkInc.

  • Before Tacky

    Before Tacky Podcast, with co-host Irene Serra, talks to Piero Cividini about his approach to design and use of materials for his brand CIVIDINI. Click Below to see the talk. Please find Irene Serra’s single on Spotify. Stay Tuned for the feature on Irene. My Shirt by Van Laack, Hat by Borsalino.

  • Before Tacky on Cody & Co

    Before Tacky on Cody & Co

    Before Tacky podcast talks to Phil Cody about his shoe brand Cody & Co. Click below to watch.

  • Chat Cinema talks Shogen

    From the International Film Festival Rotterdam an interview with Actor Shogun on his unsympathetic role in Sexual Drive. How did he feel about Ramen Noodles? Click below to find out.

  • Before Tacky on NYFW

    Taking on New York Fashion Week. Before Tacky commentators give their opinions on the Big Apple’s fashion scene this season. The likes and hates.

  • Chat Cinema talks Revenge

    I screened the short film The Women’s Revenge on the International Film Festival Rotterdam platform. The work packs a punch. Listen to the conversation with Director Su Hui Yu explain his work and influences. Click below:

  • Chat Cinema on SORRY!

    Recently, there have been headlines concerning a Variety film critic making waves about his review of a Carey Mulligan performance. The Chat Cinema team had a discussion on this topic. Self censorship has become the new norm. How can critics write an honest review in the present environment? Should we allow this? Where will it […]

  • The Next Chat Cinema Chat

    Yes. Chat Cinema gives it two cents on these streaming hits.

  • Fashion Lowdown

    The real opinion podcast on what happened in fashion and what may happen in fashion. 2020 proved challenging, 2021 could be a ride.