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  • PISA is Real

    PISA is Real

    I will tell you all about it.

  • Historic Couture

    Historic Couture

    Valentino Who? The Royal Chambers fashion pieces in Dresden would inspire any fashionista. Intricate couture looks fashioned for royalty displayed are an eye full of rich materials and details. The Schloss museum located in the historic center of the Baroque city is worth a style visit.

  • Gothic Inspiring Wismar

    Gothic Inspiring Wismar

    Located on the Baltic, Wismar, the Hansa City is a Gothic Experience worth visiting. As a travel destination the small ciry on the coast has not been overrun by mass tourism. Walking around the narrow streets it is easy to see why Marnau decided to film Nosferatu here. Wismar has the feeling of a place […]

  • I Want A New Train Set

    I Want A New Train Set

    Sometimes in life you go to a place that brings back memories. I had train sets a kid, loved playing with them for hours. Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg brought back those days imaging being the train conductor. Spread out over three floors the attractions are set up based on a destination of the world, Rio or […]

  • A Walk in Castell

    A Walk in Castell

    A small village in Lower Franconia offering enchanting views and pleasant hikes. After all of this, a bit of wine tasting to top off a good day.

  • A Walk in Nuremberg

    A Walk in Nuremberg

    Nuremberg, the historical first city of Franconia region Germany offers a visitor delightful views. I spent a day walking around the old city acquainting myself to a relaxing vibe along the city walls and riverfront. I liked the shopping district, of course, a mixture of small brands and big stores. While, Strolling around I walked […]

  • The Shire Franconia Style

    The Shire Franconia Style

    I had a casual hike around the Beer Region of Franconia, Germany. The landscape made me think of The Shire from THE HOBBIT films.

  • Salerno On Tap

    More to come on the undedapprecicated Amalfi city. I had a two day then loved the coastal resort.

  • Pompeii


    Haunting. Tragic. Inspiring. What can anyone write about Pompeii that has not been written before? The Roman city fell victim to the Mount Vesuvius. Mother Nature claimed the city one evening burying the ancient metropolis under levels of deadly ash almost 2000 years ago. Visiting the site 2 times in August. I admit, Pompeii stirs […]

  • What Happens in Baia, Stays in Baia

    What Happens in Baia, Stays in Baia

    The saying, “What Happened in Baia Stayed in Baia”. It was once one of the most important ports in the western world. Connected to the capital, Baia and the connected water way supplied Rome with the riches from the empire.  The city’s reputation: decadent, hedonistic, the seeking of all pleasures. The extensive bathes provided a […]