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  • Music and Climate Change

    Music and Climate Change

    From the Tribeca Film Festival there were more titles screening on the subjects of music and Climate Change. Saddled with the description “Too Black, Too Fat,” this label would shadow the acclaimed singer for his entire career. Drew Porter pulls back the sparkling curtain, presenting a story of a singer whose zig zag rise to […]

  • Rumours and Rolling Stone

    Rolling Stone arrived in my mailbox when I was in college. The magazine cover featured the latest, hippest artists under the banner, always with a catchy headline and the best photography. Founded in 1967 by Jann Wenner and Ralph Gleason the square publication spoke to generations of music lovers. However, I did note the lack of Black Artists on the […]

  • Styles on Vogue

    Fashion and music playing the gender bender or gender free game is not new. Let’s look back at David Bowie and Grace Jones, these two originals broke all the rules. Today, Harry Styles, the first solo man on the cover of Vogue USA has the right conservative movement up in arms. The always oozing appeal […]