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  • Fantasy vs. Reality

    The Dior Fantasy is of a handbag made with passion in a stylish factory. The reality is very different. Dior’s handbags are made mass produced under sweatshop conditions.

  • More Zara Than Luxury

    More Zara Than Luxury

     Luxury industry has adopted the same appalling production model as their fast fashion counterparts. Today, Dior faces charges of exploitative production practices. As the lust for high end products grew the business model changed to satisfy consumer wants. Mass consumption means mass production.  Luxury went from exclusive to inclusive.  Many highly sort after brands morphed into […]

  • How Much? The Dior Markup

    How Much? The Dior Markup

    The expression “a sucker is born every minute” applies to luxury fashion these days.  Paris label Dior knows the world wants to belong to the bourgeois club.  Buying an expensive handbag is an arm reach into another social circle.  Emotions of supreme consumption in boutiques satisfies those temporary upward mobility urges was not lost by […]

  • Couture 2023

    Couture 2023

    My first round picks from Couture Weeks from Paris. I am still looking over the images, my second round of picks are coming.

  • Paris Fashion Week Couture Day 2 with 4

    Day two of Paris Fashion Week Couture, here are four we like. Stay tuned for more coverage on the designs, designers and collections.

  • At The KaDeWe 2020

    At The KaDeWe 2020

    Berlin’s luxury department store felt a bit strange this season. Every year I visit the seven floor Kudamm fashion temple during Chrstimas for a glass of Champagne. Then I grab a few gifts and items. Happily the food floor was open. But, due to the recent strict lockdown the shopping floors have been mothballed and […]

  • Digital Couture,,Few Looks

    Paris Haute Couture Week or days have passed. In the New Normal, runway shows are from a past era. Being front row at a Chanel is not immunity from Covid-19.  What I did I think? Without the runway and excitement it felt a bit of a let down. Brands opted for long videos and short […]