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  • Pisa, Not A Cartoon Gag.

    Pisa, Not A Cartoon Gag.

    How many Saturday Morning cartoons did I watch with the Tower of Pisa as a center of joke? Always the same gag, the character’s actions either shift or straighten the famed structure. Never mind the animation jokes, the 14th century architectural work is worth the trip to Pisa. As one of the most recognized designed […]

  • Salerno On Tap

    More to come on the undedapprecicated Amalfi city. I had a two day then loved the coastal resort.

  • A GASP Upon Entering

    A GASP Upon Entering

    Located near my hotel, it was an easy walk to the Royal Palace of Naples. The Baroque and Neo Classical palace sits in the Piazza Del Plebiscito in the center of Naples.  Many of the great rooms took my breath away. I made an audible Gasp on entering one chamber, one I have not made […]

  • 2500 Years Old, Yet Still Wondrous

    2500 Years Old, Yet Still Wondrous

    Not far from Salerno, Italy stands the ancient city of Paestum. The 2500 year old once Greek Colony feels like a movie set waiting for extras. Except this is no scene from an epic Hollywood film, it’s history. I admit it, this place is incredible.

  • Haunting Ruins of Pompeii

    Haunting Ruins of Pompeii

    On a visit to South Italy, a visit to the once grand city of Pompeii is a must Stay tuned for the full story.

  • Naples!

    Stay tuned for details on Naples. The Italian city offers splendid historical records of human history.

  • Travel 2019 Trends

    Travel 2019 Trends

    Overtourism  After attending the ITB Travel Fair 2019, I learned the travel field continues to grow.  More want to get away, however,  questions are being asked of the effects.  “Overtourism” is becoming common. As a result, Many cities have become overwhelmed by holiday makers. Town centers have been abandoned for tourist.  Barcelona, Venice, and Prague […]

  • ITB Berlin 2018

    ITB Berlin 2018

    Where to GO? How to GO? When to GO? The ITB is the world’s biggest travel fair, 26 halls dedicated to global tourism in Berlin. Images by Vladimir Smichov for Black and Paper