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  • Coming Soon, Pitti Uomo 24

    Coming Soon, Pitti Uomo 24

    Pitti Uomo Starts January 9th. The Florence fashion event is a where mens style trends start.

  • Did anyone say “PEACOCK”?

    Did anyone say “PEACOCK”?

    Pitti Uomo January 2023 was all about the menswear but not only on the display racks. A living fashion show goes on around the events with many of “Peacocks” on display in their best threads. Getting a pose for the camera,the always willing.

  • At Pitti Uomo 2023

    At Pitti Uomo 2023

    Booked and ready to go for January 2023 at Pitti Uomo. After a few years we are ready to return to Florence for the big gathering of menswear fashion.

  • Pitti Uomo Countdown

    Pitti Uomo Countdown

    Today, we start the sixty day count down to Pitti Uomo in Florence. Having not attended since the lockdown, we are looking forward to the premiere menswear event starting January 10th.

  • Pitti Uomo

    Subdued I enjoy going to Pitti Uomo in Florence in January. It’s working blended in with pleasure. The historical city is romantic, charming, and pleasing to the eye. The best characteristic about Pitti Uomo is the atmosphere. Mens outfits of the day take center stage. Dandy’s dressed up showing off their best looks, always up […]

  • Pitti Uomo Part 1

    Pitti Uomo Part 1

    Stay Tuned for more coverage.  I am a bit late but Easy Jet gave me a choice.  Either underwear or PC.  I had to leave the PC causing delays of  my reports.

  • Pitti Uomo Dandy Report

    It is always fun to attend Pitti Uomo.  The Dandys or Peacocks walking around showing off their looks are impressive but at times some looks felt overdone.  We think what makes a great look is if the looks seem effortless not like a math equation. Stylist Gianni and I share share our views from Florence. […]

  • Coming Soon, Florence

    We are counting down to Florence.  Pitt Uomo for all the menswear tends. 

  • Moneta’s Interpretation

    A interpretation of a peacoat, Moneta adds vivid colours to classic outwear.   I grabbed him for a quick review at the presentation.  My verdict,  I liked it. But I may have been biased. 

  • Pitti Uomo Highlights

    Pitti Uomo Highlights

    Florence, one of my favourite cities,  I marvel at its culture, food, and history.  Most of all, I love attending Pitti Uomo, the worlds biggest menswear tradeshow.  A place to see and be seen but also to catch the latest trends concerning mens fashion.   Stay tuned for more complete coverage  Images made using Canon […]