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  • Asteroid City Hits Cannes

    Asteroid City Hits Cannes

    Director Wes Anderson hits Cannes this year with ASTEROID CITY. The all-starrer work promises to be typical Wes complete with quirky characters, jelly bean production values and off kilter storyline. Cannes Film Festival starts May 17th.

  • Possessor, A New Cronenberg Arrives

    Possessor, A New Cronenberg Arrives

    During a partial lockdown my only entertainment is sitting in the living room in front of a screen. I got a screener link to Possessor. I knew a few details about the film from social media. The jarring one sheet poster meant this is a not a mainstream film.  Brandon Cronenberg is an apple who did […]

  • Chat Cinema on Keanu

    We decided to profile Mr. Reeves for the first performer profile. Why? We like his movies. After 35 years in the business, he continues to be relevant. 

  • Did I Say Something Wrong?

    A Trapped Artist Inside    Dealing with bureaucrats with artistic pretensions is a balancing act. On the one hand they crave the hell with life mentality of Fassbinder, the go your own path of a Bowie, the respectability of Nolan mingled with the steady monthly salary of a state tax officer. Nowhere do I see […]

  • Berlinale Overhaul

    The Berlinale is in a Crisis.  What does our creative colleague David Mouriquand think?  Click on the link: http://www.exberliner.com/features/opinion/we-need-to-talk-about-the-berlinale/  

  • The Sunset Inspirational Festival

    The Sunset Inspirational Festival

    Black and Paper exclusive interview with Evolution Mallorca International Film Festival Creative Director Sandra Seeling. Would you say filmgoers are looking for different stories and narratives?  In my experience as a festival programmer, filmgoers want to be surprised and inspired. They want to be taken out of their daily routines and experience new adventures and new point of […]

  • Encore from France 24 with Darren Aronofsky

    Check your local theather listings for Mother.

  • Berlinale-Strong Island

    Black and Paper interview with Director Yance Ford. “Strong Island” is a documentary that is topical on a social and historical, the shooting of an unharmed African American Man followed by a criminal justice system that vilifies a person of color with a “Guilty Label” regardless of the circumstances and ultimate outcome.  The 107 minute […]