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    For Chat Cinema Podcast guest filmmakers Tom Berkeley and Ross White talked about their well received film ROY, character driven story of loneliness. The duo looked poised to make the next step. Fast forward to March 12th, Tom Berkeley Ross White won the Best Film Short at the 95th Academy Awards in Hollywood for AN […]

  • The Compellingly Divine

    A seemingly straightforward two-hour documentary of Pope Francis, Francesco otherwise manages to compel. Directed by Evgeny Afineevsky, the film is noteworthy for mostly competent direction and production values. Jorge Mario Bergoglio was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1936. He is the first Pope to be born outside Europe since Gregory III (731–741). As the […]

  • Last Film Show at Tribeca

    Last Film Show at Tribeca

    Should I or Shouldn’t I? How many stars do I give a film I like? I decided on 4.5 stars. The Last Film Show is worth a watch for every film lover. Stay Tuned for the full review. Screened at the Tribeca Film Festival.

  • Directors Notes on “SAMP”

    An interview with film directors Flavia Mastrella and Antonio Rezza from the Venice Film Festival.   1.This is your sixth feature film in a 30-year career that has encompassed Television, shorts and medium-length films. How difficult is it nowadays to get a film financed?  Flavia: “Escoriandoli” (our first movie) was the only film we shot […]

  • SAMP-A Film Review

    SAMP-A Film Review

    Imagine Frank Zappa (who was no stranger to acting, or the absurd) in his prime starring in a debut film like Peter Jackson’s Braindead(1992) combined with Robert Rodriguez’s El Mariachi(1992).  Chuck in  elements from the anarchy of El Topo(1970) by Alejandro Jodorowsky and Alex Cox’s Repo Man(1984), but with an original take on everything.  This pretty much sums up […]

  • Chat Cinema on Keanu

    We decided to profile Mr. Reeves for the first performer profile. Why? We like his movies. After 35 years in the business, he continues to be relevant. 

  • I finally saw Skywalker

    I saw the latest Star Wars film: Rise of Skywalker. I know the film has been out for a while. Contributing to the discusion seems pointless. The Rotten Tomatoes reviews are right.  Episode 5  Once again I ask the fallback question: How does it compare to The Empire Strikes Back? At 2 hours 23 minutes, […]

  • Chat Cinema Reviews

    Check out our latest episode of Chat Cinema Podcast.  What is new at the movie theatres this weekend? We give you a rundown. 

  • Cannes Day 1

    France 24 reports on the great film festival. 

  • Maybe or Maybe Not Trailers

    Chat Cinema crew Stevie, Kristin, and Breck are enthused about some film trailers.  While others they find less appealing.    Sponsored by #Beyerdynamic