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  • Pilati Talks

    Pilati Talks

    “WORK IS NOT WORK IF YOU LIKE IT“, PILATI Fashion designer Stefano Pilati gave a talk during Milan Fashion Week at Istituto Marangoni on his career and the state of fashion. The Italian born former head of YSL spoke about practicing patience for young designers, not thinking success will come immediately, but taking time to […]

  • Gaultier Hits Berlin

    Gaultier Hits Berlin

    Jean Paul Gaultier again arrives in Berlin to creatively head Falling In Love musical show at Friedrichstadt-Palast Berlin. Here is a sneak peek from the show.

  • Green Fashion Credentials

    Green Fashion Credentials

    Brands are brandishing green credentials for the sake of being caring, or at least on the surface. Green is the new Black Dress in fashion. Suddenly, designers and labels have become Earth Conscious. Walk down any main street or shopping mall, retailers are bragging about sustainable clothing lines. During the 2022 Tribeca Film Festival, Fashion […]

  • Recaps on Before Tacky

    Recaps on Before Tacky

    Before Tacky podcast is looking over the the latest designs from the fashion capitals. Stay tuned for the recaps.

  • Yong Talks Fashion

    In a conversation with Korean Fashion Designer Ko Tae Yong we speak about his influence and inspiration about fashion. Stay Tuned for the full interview.

  • Gender Spin at Apocrypha

    Gender Spin at Apocrypha

    While going over looks from Tokyo Fashion Week I came across Fashion Designer Apocrypha. The color combinations and lace materials grabbed my attention. I sent him an email. Happily, Creative Head Reiji Harimoto responded to grant Black and Paper an interview. What does the white represent in the collection?  It has several meanings. First, the […]

  • A New Look From a 20th Century Form

    A New Look From a 20th Century Form

    A Black and Paper exclusive interview with Korean Fashion Designer Avizmo Jo, creative head of De_caffeine homme. What attracted me to his brand were his outerwear pieces. I wanted to ask what inspires his designs and collections. The looks for the Fall Outerwear, three buttons and lapel, where did you develop this idea? Planning and […]

  • Anna Wintour-A Survivor

    Boy, did I get this wrong. Anna Wintour is the Great Survivor. The ultimate editor in chief had a hard 2020. Not only are magazine sales plummeting, Black Lives Matter has placed a spot light on company policies. By her own admittance, Vogue was not a friendly work place for people of color with a […]