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  • Subtle or Not!

    Subtle or Not!

    A man’s footwear can make a statement depending on the color or length. Black and Paper Production Photographer Dale Grant Stylist Hercules Terres

  • Different Styles

    Different Styles

    A man’s distinctive style melds inspiration, comfort while making it look it easy. Black and Paper Production Photography  by Dale Grant Styling by Hecules Terres.

  • In the Details!

    In the Details!

    A tell-tale characteristic of a stylish man, whether in formal or casual clothing, is the state of his clothing defined by subtle details. A shirt should be crisp, never sloppy.     Stylishly, comfortable, and low key without a wrinkle.   The Philips Steam&Go 2-in-1 Handheld garment steamer is perfect for touch ups and difficult […]