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  • An Ancient Allure

    The ancient ruins of Paestum Italy. The former Greek colony was founded in 600BC.

  • Still Charming Furth

    Still Charming Furth

    According the tourism board site, Furth was built after the 30 Years War in the 17th Century. The city has a relaxing atmosphere ideal for walking along the old streets. One advantage, the historical center retains its local charm.

  • Captivity Saxony

    Stay Tuned for my coverage on my 48 hour trip to Saxony and Dresden. A destination still unspoiled by over tourism with so much to offer.

  • Bauhaus Dessau

    Bauhaus Building Dessau  Stay tuned for the story on my visit to Dessau Germany to see this iconic building. 

  • A Design Influence on Me.

    A Design Influence on Me.

    Bauhaus Museum Weimar opened in April 2019.  Its collection houses pieces from the 1920’s to the present.  Focusing on design, art, dance, and architecture, the Museum narrates the history of Bauhaus over 3 floors.  Side Note: The Black and Paper logo was influenced by the Bauhaus  movement.  We incorporated some of the graphics in our […]

  • Second Day in Weimar

    Second Day in Weimar

    Exploring the cultural city offerings on my staycation.  Still inspired and strolling around the city.  It’s easy to see why Weimar has appeal. On the second day,  I saw the dramatic and elegant.